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The poor helot came forward with a piteous look, cut herself a pieceof bread, and took a pear. Eugenie boldly offered her father somegrapes, saying,,

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"Taste my preserves, papa. My cousin, you will eat some, will you not?I went to get these pretty grapes expressly for you."

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"If no one stops them, they will pillage Saumur for you, nephew. Whenyou have finished, we will go into the garden; I have something totell you which can't be sweetened."

Eugenie and her mother cast a look on Charles whose meaning the youngman could not mistake. a wiggins

"What is it you mean, uncle? Since the death of my poor mother",atthese words his voice softened,"no other sorrow can touch me.""My nephew, who knows by what afflictions God is pleased to try us?"said his aunt. wig brush

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"Ta, ta, ta, ta," said Grandet, "there's your nonsense beginning. I amsorry to see those white hands of yours, nephew"; and he showed theshoulder-of-mutton fists which Nature had put at the end of his ownarms. "There's a pair of hands made to pick up silver pieces. You'vebeen brought up to put your feet in the kid out of which we make thepurses we keep our money in. A bad look-out! Very bad!"

"What do you mean, uncle? I'll be hanged if I understand a single wordof what you are saying."

"Come!" said Grandet.

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