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Grandet took the candle, leaving his wife, daughter, and servantwithout any other light than that from the hearth, where the flameswere lively, and went into the bakehouse to fetch planks, nails, andtools.

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"Can I help you?" cried Nanon, hearing him hammer on the stairs."No, no! I'm an old hand at it," answered the former cooper.At the moment when Grandet was mending his worm-eaten staircase andwhistling with all his might, in remembrance of the days of his youth,the three Cruchots knocked at the door. wig store dallas

"Is it you, Monsieur Cruchot?" asked Nanon, peeping through the littlegrating.

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"Yes," answered the president. wig accessories

Nanon opened the door, and the light from the hearth, reflected on theceiling, enabled the three Cruchots to find their way into the room."Ha! you've come a-greeting," said Nanon, smelling the flowers."Excuse me, messieurs," cried Grandet, recognizing their voices; "I'llbe with you in a moment. I'm not proud; I am patching up a step on mystaircase."

"Go on, go on, Monsieur Grandet; a man's house is his castle," saidthe president sententiously.

Madame and Mademoiselle Grandet rose. The president, profiting by thedarkness, said to Eugenie:

"Will you permit me, mademoiselle, to wish you, on this the day ofyour birth, a series of happy years and the continuance of the healthwhich you now enjoy?"

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