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"Bentham, an Englishman.'

"That's a Jeremy who might save us a lot of lamentations in business,"said the notary, laughing. wigger

"Those Englishmen s-sometimes t-t-talk sense," said Grandet. "So,ac-c-cording to Ben-Bentham, if my b-b-brother's n-notes are worthn-n-nothing; if Je-Je,I'm c-c-correct, am I not? That seems c-c-clearto my m-m-mind,the c-c-creditors would be,No, would not be; Iunderstand." wiggle wiggle


"Let me explain it all," said the president. "Legally, if you acquirea title to all the debts of the Maison Grandet, your brother or hisheirs will owe nothing to any one. Very good."

"Very g-good," repeated Grandet.

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